Friday, December 15, 2006

The Redskins dominated the Eagles in almost every statistical category--including first downs (20-14), total yards (415-263), rushing yards (210-99) and time of possession (37:46-22:14)--except the scoreboard. Chalk it up to inexperience of Jason Campbell, who threw two costly interceptions that allowed the Eagles to build a 21-3 lead. Campbell, Ladell Betts and the Redskins showed resilience in scoring 16 unanswered points.

The New Orleans Saints were a powerhouse in defeating the Dallas Cowboys 42-17 at Texas Stadium on Sunday night. The Redskins will have their hands full with the NFL's top-ranked offense, which includes quarterback Drew Brees and running backs Deuce McAllister and Reggie Bush.

Redskins vs Saints is happening 12/17... don't miss it!!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Broken Promises

In Sunday night’s game against the Carolina Panthers, the Washington Redskins lost 24-14 thanks to bad coaching. Last week coach Gibb’s had promised that he was going to play more “Redskins football.” So what happened? Where was this “Redskin football?” Apparently Gibbs had no intention of upholding his promise.

Instead of rushing for 155 yards, Ladell Betts should have been given enough carries to rush for 300 yards. And if he grew tired, they should have given the ball to T.J. Duckett 20 times. A two-touchdown lead and a kid quarterback making his third start demanded it. But the Redskins went ahead with their absolutely nonsensical approach and lost.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Can They Make the Playoffs?

With only 5 games left until playoffs the Washington Redskins need to get their collective butts in gear and start winning. With the current standing of 4W-7L, there is still a possibility that they can make it if they win all of their remaining games.

But is this really a possibility or a stretch of the imagination?

The Redskins next game is against the Atlanta Falcons, who have been on a losing streak for the past 4 games. So, there is a strong possibility of victory for the Redskins if the Falcons keep sucking. Later, the Reds go up against the St. Louis Rams, who just came off of a 5 games losing streak, and the New York Giants who have lost the 3 previous games. There’s a strong chance that the Reds will win those 3 games, but that’s not good enough to put them into the playoffs.

Now, the real challenge will be defeating the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints. The Eagles have lost the 2 past games, but I’m sure no one has forgotten about how the Eagles slaughtered (3-27) the Reds back on November 12. Now, New Orleans will be the highest ranked team that the Reds will play before the playoffs. The Saints started off the season incredibly strong and have stayed fairly consistent with no real streaks since then.

So, the Redskins going the playoffs might be a stretch but they still have a chance.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Washington Can’t Blame Jason Campbell

As NFL quarterbacking debuts go, 196 yards and a couple of TDs, without turnovers – that’s nothing for Jason Campbell to hang his head over. But the Redskins couldn’t keep a lid on the Tampa Bay Bucs in the second half. Maybe the biggest problem was Cadillac Williams, who happens to be a former teammate of Jason’s – they played NCAA football together at Auburn. Williams rushed for 122 yards and caught two passes for 34 yards against us.

We didn’t have Clinton Portis, and we’re not going to have him, so the Redskins need to step in a give Campbell the support he needs. We can do it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Redskins will give Jason Campbell a shot

This has not been Mark Brunell's year, despite some early high points (vs. the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars). Sunday's sorry 27-3 loss to our NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, turned out to be the last straw.

Will a 3rd-string quarterback in his second year in the NFL be what the 'Skins are looking for? It's not impossible. Let's hope Campbell works out something like Tony Romo has for the Dallas Cowboys: not always victorious to be sure, but better than most fans would have bet.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Will ‘Skins Be Ready for Cowboys?

Traditionally, all you have to do is say “Dallas Cowboys” in Washington and whether the listener is a fan or a player, you’ll get a fearsome growl. Or something equivalent. However, our encounter with Da Boys back in September did not go well, and it helped set the tone for a season that just hasn’t jelled yet.

The thing that’s worrisome, though, is that the Cowboys, who also seemed to be floundering along, looked a lot different against Carolina, a game Dallas won 35-14. Has the switch from Drew Bledsoe to Tony Romo at quarterback made that much of a difference?

Our quarterback’s assessment? Well, Mark Brunell said, “We’re 2-5, regardless of who it is and where it is, we need to win.”

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

If Only Redskins Could Have Quit at the Half

We were leading at the half, even if it was only by a point. And the Indianapolis Colts’ Payton Manning had been taking a beating, even had to call a timeout and get a sideline rubdown.

Evidently all that did was get him fired up. Manning came flying out in the third quarter and got 3 TDs in a row. When all was said and done, the score was 36-22, and the Colts’ perfect season was still intact.

Washington’s bye week couldn’t come soon enough!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Nick Novak returns to the team that gave him his first chance. The former Maryland standout made his NFL debut with the Redskins on Sept. 19, 2005, against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday Night Football. He ended up kicking a game-winning PAT to defeat the Cowboys 14-13 at Texas Stadium, and he also had a touchdown-saving tackle on a kickoff return in that game.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Santana Moss stays humble as the praises keep coming

On Wednesday, Moss was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week for his three touchdown performance in last Sunday's 36-30 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Santana caught four passes for 138 yards, and the third of his three touchdowns was a 68-yard game-winning touchdown catch in overtime!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nothing beats an overtime game.

Even many locals were grudgingly conceding defeat before the game, as Jacksonville deserves and has a lot of local respect.

Even after blowing two late-game leads, the Skins dug deep and Brunell showed Jacksonville exactly how much they lost.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The barrel has been scraped…

As a long-time Washington Redskin I’m surprised to find myself in agreement with our coach over the necessity to displace players who have done so well for us this last season. It takes time and effort to change a talented rookie into the kind of player that can handle the responsibility of organizing players as well as performing their own specific role.

A change of nickname before a change of lineup, perhaps?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Redskins' Momentum

Remember the five-game streak at the end of 2005 that carried the Redskins into the playoffs? I think Washington has made some additions that can help keep the momentum going. It was fun to watch Mark Brunnell connect with Santana Moss, but this coming year our QB will have Antwaan Randle El from the Steelers, Brandon Lloyd from San Francisco and Christian Fauria of the New England Patriots added to the mix.

Brunnell is no spring-chicken, although maybe that means he is at least mature enough not to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. But in the event he has problems, we now have Todd Collins as well as Jason Campbell to turn to.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Former Washington Redskin Sells Cocaine to Undercover Cops

All around the NFL lately there are players in the news for breaking the law. I am sickened every time I look at the stories on ESPN and other sites. Timmy Smith, former NFL running back, has been sentenced to federal prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. What a role model for future generations of youth in America. Why is all the money and fame never enough.

Monday, April 24, 2006

How could we not need anything in the draft?

The Washington Redskins get first pick in the second round of the draft, but Joe Gibbs claims he is happy with our team as it is now and says he has no intentions of bringing in a rookie at any position. I am sure we will be using our pick but wonder whom we will chose with Gibbs words in mind. Supposedly we will just choose the “best athlete”. What do you think about that?

Here’s the story…

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Can you at least try to be a role modal?

Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins is going on trial for the assault charges that were brought against him last year. If you remember the safety was involved in the armed assault on a group of people he was arguing with. Taylor is the king of late hits and rule breaking, so it is no surprise that he is now facing jail time for violent acts outside the NFL. Money and fame are not compensation enough for some players to uphold the positive image of the NFL and athletes everywhere.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

What? I’m just looking!

The Washington Redskins Cheerleader tryouts are coming up soon. On the official site I found out that as a Redskins Cheerleader you will travel to exotic locales to shoot the annual calendar. I had always figured they used back drops. I think I will pick up a copy of this year’s calendar. (to support the Cheerleaders of course)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Please don’t scare me like that!

There have been some wild rumors flying around about the Washington Redskins being interested in picking up Terrell Owens. The Skins’ VP has said they recognize his extraordinary skill as a player but have no interest in adding him to their roster anytime in the near future. When I read that I breathed a sigh of relief.