Monday, September 13, 2004

Gibbs Debut

It was head coach Joe Gibbs' first regular season victory, yesterday, since returning to the Redskins last January. And it was the franchise's 500th regular season win and one - quarter of those belong to Gibbs as he gets his 125th career win.

The Redskins out played the Bucs in a 16 - 10 decision. Game ball should go to the Redskins offensive and defensive lines.

Go Skins!!!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Randy Thomas is Regaining His Confidence

Redskins guard Randy Thomas' solid play in 2003 might have warranted Pro Bowl consideration had he not been playing for a 5-11 team. With the season-ending injury to Jon Jansen, Thomas will be called upon to elevate his game even more.

The loss of his line mate, who was lined up next to him for every practice and every game last year, will be hard to overcome. "He's such a team leader and motivator and we just have to find a way to replace him," said Thomas. He's still going to be with us (working with line coach Joe Bugel ), though, and I'm glad of that." Still, though, there will have to be adjustments made on the field. "(We were) like bread and butter and somebody stole my butter so I've got to buy me some more."

Kenyatta Jones , the team's first option to replace Jansen, has enjoyed some success himself. "He's going to be fine. We've just got to get some repetitions together. He's been in it, he's been on a Super Bowl team," Thomas said. "With Jon going down he can basically start his career over and do well. . . He's got a chance to be a hero (by stepping in for Jansen).